How to access Hidden Wiki using the TOR browser

The Hidden Wiki is one of the dark web Wikipedia media that provided a directory of links to the dark Web before 2017. Later the site was taken down as per the notice by the FBI.

Accessing hidden Wiki is difficult because the websites of the hiddenwiki will not work on the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.,

One needs a unique browser, “the TOR browser,” to access those hidden wiki links because the links don’t work on a standard search engine.

How to download the TOR browser?

To download the TOR browser, visit It is the only official website to download the TOR browser. Don’t download the Tor browser from any unknown sources.

TOR browser is a nonprofit organization created to protect the privacy of humans on the internet.

TOR browser is currently available for LINUX, Windows, Mac OS, and Android.

It still needs to be made available for IOS for iPhones, and I pad.

If you still want to download the TOR browser for the iPhone, you can check the app store for the Onion browser. This is not recommended, but still, your privacy is protected.

Uses of TOR browser :

Blocking the trackers: No trackers can follow you through the internet if you are using the TOR browser. Even third-party trackers also get blocked. It also protects the user’s privacy by clearing the cookies and browsing history immediately after closing the website.

Multi-Layer encryption – In short, they call it TOR relays. As the TOR browser claims, the traffic will be relayed and encrypted three times. This makes it the most advanced encryption.

TOR browser makes it difficult to find an individual user based on the device or IP as it is highly encrypted. Every user will look similar, and finding your identity or device information is challenging.

Zero surveillance: Tor Browser makes it very effective when websites track you. Anyone monitoring your browsing can see that you’re using Tor.

What is multi-encryption?

Multi encryption is the high phase of encryption where the message or the data is encrypted two or more times.

In this case, TOR uses multi-encryption to ensure more safety and security to protect the internet user’s privacy.

As the TOR browser provides more and more security, it remains on top of delivering private web services and protecting users’ data.

Uses of VPN on the hidden Wiki:

A VPN must be installed after installing the TOR browser to ensure more protection on the hidden Wiki.

The VPN can be free or premium. But the premium VPNs are faster compared to the free networks.

hidden wiki

VPN is known as Virtual Private Network. Like The TOR browser, VPN establishes a strong and private connection by making the data traffic into an encrypted tunnel to provide more security on the internet.

VPN also hides your IP entirely from trackers.

Using a VPN with the TOR browser is double protection for your device and internet data.

Accessing the hidden Wiki:

One can access the hidden wiki contents after installing the TOR browser and the VPN.

Unlike the clearnet domain extensions like .com .net .org, the hidden Wiki only contains the .onion extension.

For example, a clearnet domain will look like “”, whereas the onion website will look like an “example.onion”.

What’s available on the hidden Wiki?

The Hidden Wiki contains primarily illegal products, and that is why the Hidden Wiki is famous.

This part of the internet is known as the dark Web, where one can get all the illegal products.

One can find drugs, weapons, porn, pirated software, stolen credit cards, etc.,

Still, there are working forums, blogs, etc., The whole darknet is not illegal.

Dark Web and law enforcement :

Because of the high-end encryption, it is hard for law enforcement to identify the website owners and stop them from selling illegal products on the dark Web.

Over the years, law enforcement has made many arrests and taken down illegal websites. But still, day by day, the crimes on the dark Web get increasing, and hard to stop them.

For example, the takedown of the alphabay and the arrest of the website owner is a prime example of what law enforcement has done to date.

The silk road is another example. All these dark web vendors or websites mostly sold drugs and weapons in real time. It was hard to stop them, but they were taken down.

Cryptocurrency and the Dark Web:

The complex reason for tracking down the websites was the currency in which they made the trade.

Bitcoin is the main currency used on the dark Web. Almost 99% of dark web websites trade using Bitcoin.

As everyone knows, Bitcoin is the top cryptocurrency today. Bitcoin transactions are anonymous, and they are hard to track the transactions.

Final opinions:

Always use the TOR browser to enhance safe and secure internet usage.

Do not visit the hidden wiki links if you don’t find the websites legit and may steal your information.